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Complex builds have many moving parts. Successful projects need contractors who will manage the shifting needs while keeping the end goal firmly in mind.


Valot General Contractors takes pride in building their team members up, not only through job related knowledge, but also through continued education, team building, encouraging reading and personal achievements in their own lives. It is an honor to provide resources for personal growth.

Expanding on these aspects: Job related knowledge in a residential construction company could be anything from team leading, project management, plan reading, understanding the market, and promoting further education through post-secondary school or trade school. Continued education would include hands-on opportunities that allow our employees to learn from experts in the field and expand on job skills that could encourage them to one day be business owners or be leaders in the community.

Personal achievements include attending seminars or having a guest speaker discuss mental health management, how to operate and maintain a business, or how to be smart financially. Encouraged reading (i.e. Leadership for Dummies, The Customer Rules, Marketing Strategies by Brian Kaskavalciyan & The PMP Pre Exam Book by Andy Crowe.)

Valot General Contractors wants more than ever to build a better, safer community by ways of volunteering (i.e. collecting donated foods to feed the needy and homeless, cleaning up trash in the streets, etc.) and making sure projects are meaningful and follow in compliance with the city standards.

Meet Our Staff

Chris Valot

Chris Valot brings 32 years’ of well-versed experience in the construction industry and has cultivated 17 years’ as a Construction Project Manager. His appreciation for construction shows in the work he has done as well as in the projects he has overseen. His focus is to bring value to every project under his supervision, while also being hands on and involved in every phase of the project, start to finish. Chris believes that the end result should reflect the passion and dedication invested into each project.

Chris began building ranch fences in South Texas at a young age, cultivating his devotion for the residential construction company. He furthered his knowledge in home remodeling and cleaning commercial properties which expanded to managing cleaning crews and construction crews. His recent work successfully managing multimillion dollar projects has flourished his leadership skills prompting him to eagerly motivate and lead his employees to model his same passion for quality work.

As the President of VGC, Chris is focused on providing the best construction experience to each project through his passion, skills and leadership. His goal is to be a leader in the construction industry and to bring satisfaction to each project.


Susie Valot
Vice President

Susie brings a lifetime of construction knowledge in addition to 10 years of Family Advocacy and Administrative experience, making Valot General Contractors a very unique company. She not only brings value to the clients and their properties, but to our staff as well. Susie is very passionate about the staff’s mental health and well being. When she is not busy finding resources or working on the administration of VGC, she is doing arts and crafts or baking up a storm.


Amber Sapon
Office Manager

Amber is the Office Manager at Valot General Contractors brings nearly two years of experience working in the capacity of management in an office setting helping small businesses flourish. Specializing in organization and communications, Amber uses that experience to maintain long lasting relationships with new and existing clientele. Having a full household, Amber enjoys vacationing at the beach with her family.


Alex Cantu
Project Coordinator

Alex is the Project Coordinator at Valot General Contractors with over two years of experience managing construction projects, while also helping to develop small businesses. She has worked hard to keep the projects organized and support our field crew. When she isn’t dedicating her time to expanding her knowledge in her field, she is enjoying all of her available time with her children.


Santiago Chapa
Business Developer

Santiago Chapa is the Business Developer for Valot General Contractors and has been in the construction industry for 6 years. His focus is to connect home owners and business owners with the appropriate professional services to help build value to their home or business. Santiago loves to hunt in his free time, while also finds joy in joking around with loved ones, and dancing.


Micheal (Mike) Reyna
Construction Field WOrker

Michael Reyna is a Construction Field Worker for Valot General Contractors who brings a decade of experience specializing in plumbing. He has worked hard to share his knowledge in a residential construction company and learn other trades from his peers. He takes care of his family on his free time, while also learning the ins and outs of auto mechanics.

Josh Cisneros
Josh Cisneros is a Subcontractor for Valot General Contractors who has over 5 years’ experience in the construction industry, with his specialty and passion being in painting. Every project Josh encounter, he leaves a lasting impression. Although Josh loves what he does in the field, he also enjoys cooking and playing softball on the weekends.
Isabel Norris
Construction Field Worker

Isabel Norris is a Construction Field Worker at Valot General Contractors bringing in 2 years of experience hands on in the field of construction of a residential construction company, while she was in High School, Isabel took construction education and received education from professionals in the field. Isabel is motivated to build a community of tiny homes and loves to dance and be surrounded by her family.

Scott Zellner
Construction Field Worker
Scott Zellner a Construction Field Worker with Valot General Contractors has roughly 40 years of experience in construction with many different skills but mainly specializing in carpentry and painting. Scott brings his passion for construction to every worksite he is on. Scott has an appreciation for the outdoors specifically fishing, camping, and hunting.
Saul Flores
Saul Flores is the Foreman for Valot General Contractors who supervises every project awarded to the company, ensuring each project is following deadlines and is equipped with the appropriate supplies and material to get the job done correctly. He has respectfully 30 years dedicated to the construction industry and can be considered a jack of all trades but his specialty is welding. Saul is a family man and enjoys spending his free time with the ones he loves the most.
Robert Silvas
Robert Silvas is a Subcontractor for Valot General Contractors with 10 years’ experience in the industry with a focus in painting and fence work. Robert is not limited on the skills he brings to the worksite. Robert is dedicated to his physique and follows a strict, organized work out plan during his spare time.

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